What 15 Stars From Our Favorite Childhood Movies Look Like Now

The youngest Oscar nominee in the history of the award is Jackie Cooper who was only 9 years old and holds the record for 87 years to date. He along with other child stars helped us get through our own childhoods with our favorite shows and movies. Check out how these actors have changed over the years while we were busy growing up. celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip, celebrity gossip

At Ringkeh.com, we love young talent and praise it on any given occasion. But when child celebrities grow up, they often age quite remarkably and keep up a great appearance.

1. Emma Watson — Hermione Granger, Harry Potter franchise

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2. Matthew Lewis — Nevill Longbottom, Harry Potter franchise

3. Daniel Radcliffe — Harry Potter, Harry Potter franchise

4. Neil Patrick Harris — Doogie, Doogie Howser, M.D.

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