15 Celebrities Who Weren’t Broken by Serious Health Issues

10. Daniel Radcliffe: Dyspraxia

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, who is famous for his role of Harry Potter, revealed that he has a rare incurable disease — dyspraxia. This is a brain function disorder that makes you unable to do the actions you need to do correctly.

Radcliffe’s condition doesn’t let him write correctly or tie his shoelaces. When he was a child, he really struggled in school — and not because of his acting career, but because he was unable to learn. According to Daniel, dyspraxia was the main reason he chose to pursue this career.

11. Yolanda Hadid: Lyme disease

When the new book by Yolanda Hadid appeared on the shelves of bookstores, the entire world learned how the life of this woman changed after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012. In her book, the mother of 2 famous models revealed how she fought not only the disease itself but also her suicidal thoughts, as the symptoms of this disease also impact the quality of life. It causes constant headaches, light sensitivity, muscle pain, fever, and a rash.

Thanks to a long period of treatment, Yolanda is in remission now.

12. Prince Charles: Alzheimer’s disease

In September 2018, many media sources published information about InTouch having a secret medical report. The document said that Prince Charles had had Alzheimer’s disease for several years already. And his health is getting worse with every day. The first mentions of Charles’ disease appeared in 2011 when he was close to missing his older son’s wedding.

The sources close to the Royal family say that Prince William will be the next King.

This article was written not to tell about the problems of famous people but in order to let everyone who has serious trouble know that there is always hope. And the way we live, what we do, and how society sees us depends mostly on us. Love, create, and be happy no matter what!

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