15 Celebrities Who Weren’t Broken by Serious Health Issues

7. Michael Phelps: Hyperactivity and ADHD

American swimmer Michael Phelps, the only 23 times Olympic champion in the history of the sport, had a really difficult path to success, accompanied by hyperactivity and ADHD. This neurological disorder started to develop when Michael was a child. The main symptoms are difficulties concentrating and the inability to finish what you started. In his interview, the Phelps’ coach tells that the swimmer sometimes forgot the way to the dressing room and their training was sometimes a nightmare.

However, thanks to the efforts of the swimmer and the people around him, Phelps managed to achieve unbelievable success in sports. Now, Michael Phelps is going through quite a rough period. After the end of his career, the Olympic champion lost his motivation and is now fighting depression.

8. Mila Kunis: Partial blindness

For many years, one of the most popular actresses of today had one blind eye. The reason for the blindness was iritis. Because of the inflammation, the actress had blurry vision and she couldn’t focus on anything. Mila Kunis didn’t see a specialist for a long time but in 2010, she had a surgery where she had her lens replaced. By the way, Mila’s condition was kept a secret up until she had her vision back after the surgery.

9. Hugh Jackman and Khloé Kardashian: Skin cancer

  • In 2013, Hugh Jackman (who played Wolverine) was diagnosed with skin cancer. Since then, the actor has not only had several chemotherapy treatments but also 6 skin transplantation surgeries. His diagnosis is basal-cell carcinoma. It is a kind of an oncological skin disease when a tumor develops on the lower layer of the epidermis. The carcinoma appears on the parts of the skin which are often exposed to the sun, for example, on the nose. On his Twitter, Hugh Jackman easily shares the facts from his life with his subscribers.
  • The youngest of the Kardashian sisters, Khloé, is also very honest with her subscribers. It is proved not only by the show she has been on for more than 10 years but also her posts on social media. In one of her posts, she told that in 2008, she was diagnosed with a tumor on her skin. The doctors had to transplant about 7 in of her skin. Thanks to the specialist, the development of the disease was stopped.
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