15 Celebrities Who Weren’t Broken by Serious Health Issues

4. Angelina Jolie and Shannen Doherty: Mastectomy

  • In summer 2015, Shannen Doherty filed a lawsuit against her former manager. According to the lawsuit, the manager made a mistake in the medical insurance papers so Shannen didn’t get the treatment on time and her breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes.Shannen has been fighting cancer for almost 4 years now. In order to slow down the development of the disease, the actress has undergone several chemotherapy courses, radiotherapy, and a mastectomy. Recently, the actress said she was in remission — this is the state when the tumor is under control and is treatable.
  • Several years earlier, Angelina Jolie was in a similar situation. Her mother and aunt died at a young age after battling a genetic disease. And after a lot of medical research, Angelina decided to have a mastectomy.The genetic test showed that Jolie had an 87% probability of having breast cancer and cervical cancer in the future. The actress had surgery in order to avoid a very probable disease.

5. Michael J. Fox: Parkinson’s disease

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The public learned about Michael J. Fox’s condition in 1998. At that time, the actor told his colleagues that at the beginning of the ’90s, he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder — Parkinson’s disease. When the actor first went to see a doctor because of a twitching pinky finger, experts told him that he would have 10 years of active life at the most.

After this, the Back to the Future star decided to take a break from his career and take care of his health. Michael J. Fox wrote 3 biographical books where he told in great detail about what it means to fight Parkinson’s disease and he also founded a charity organization. This organization managed to collect $350 million for research of this disease.

6. Sarah Hyland: Kidney dysplasia

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The star of Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, has had a medical condition since childhood. At the age of 9, Sarah was diagnosed with a very unpleasant condition — kidney dysplasia. For more than 10 years, the girl had been fighting the disease, but in 2012, she had to have a kidney transplantation from her father.

The transplantation improved Sarah’s condition but didn’t treat her completely. Because of not feeling well, the girl rarely shows up at public events and the fans of her character often notice the changes in her appearance. On her Instagram page, the girl shares her problems with the subscribers: from losing weight to always having a swollen face.

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