13 Celebrities Who Embraced Their Flaws and Got Real About Loving Their Bodies

9. Andy Garcia

It may sound like a story from a book, but the beloved Andy Garcia was actually born with a conjoined twin attached at his shoulder, and in his beach pictures you may find a scar left from a surgery from years ago. This never stopped him from playing all those gangsters though.

10. Gerard Butler

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Big Nick in full effect. #DenOfThieves

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Gerard Butler had to have a surgery as a child to correct his tinnitus, leaving his ear sticking out. So much so, that it had to be glued in place by makeup people working on the set of the Tomb Raidermovie.

11. Milo Ventimiglia

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MV. Vancouver, BC. MV

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We’ve all fallen in love with the star of This is Us, but he didn’t leave this same impression in his earlier acting years. His lip does not move properly due to bad nerve function. Basically, his upper lip doesn’t have a sense of touch.

12. Miles Teller

The 31-year-old actor has very noticeable scars on his face and since the face is an actor’s biggest tool we are happy that it didn’t stop him in his career. Who would want to miss out on his brilliant performance in Whiplash or The Spectacular Now?

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