13 Celebrities Who Embraced Their Flaws and Got Real About Loving Their Bodies

5. Seal

It’s hard to overlook the flaw that landed Seal on this list since it’s right on his face — and if you have ever thought this was a result of a bad acne problem, you were wrong. Seal suffers from a type of lupus — discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE).

It’s a chronic skin condition that involves inflammation and scarring of the skin which is exposed to the sun.

6. Paola Antonini


In 2014 this stunning young lady lost a part of her leg after being run over by a drunk driver. But in a situation where a lot of people would’ve given up, she rose above it, landed a great modeling career and is now an advocate for body positive lifestyles. And look how much joy is in her pictures!

7. Lily Allen

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This extremely talented singer has a lot of risky costumes in her shows, photo shoots and on the red carpet. She usually has cleavage so low that you can see her little deformity — a third nipple.

8. Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth took over our hearts with her performance in 21The Horse Whisperer and Young Americans. And you can’t take your eyes off her, even though her own eyes are kind of… interesting. Kate lives with a condition called heterochromia, which makes one of her eyes blue and the other one blue and brown.

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